Software development that determines IMSS quotas for SMEs




SMEs,, social security,


Currently, SMEs in Mexico do not have a high investment to include technology in their daily processes. Therefore, it leads to delays in their administrative obligations and therefore inadequate financial planning. In this sense, technological inclusion is required in SMEs to help them improve competitively with large companies. This study focuses on developing software that allows SMEs of the Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla in Mexico to calculate their administrative obligations in social security, which allows them to anticipate their financial situation and thereby determine correct decisions. The methodology used in this work has an application purpose because it adapts to the needs of SMEs, whit a qualitative approach because it is based on natural environments, in terms of its depth it is explanatory because it determines the causes and consequences, with respect to the obligations administrative, finally is experimental because the calculation variables can be manipulated in relation to the development of the software with which elements that were not useful for SMEs were detected. In the background, a flow diagram was prepared that determined the basic operations of calculating social security for that later the software was developed through the computer language C++. The results obtained from the software were through the preliminary implementation in the laboratory to small businesspersons from the Juan C. Bonilla, Puebla, making known through a usability list the functionality of the software with respect to the interface and the time to obtain the calculation of social security of which 90% seemed adequate to its daily operations. 




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Ramírez Rosas, J. G., Torres González, M. A., Ortiz Carranco, A., & Arroyo Díaz, S. A. (2024). Software development that determines IMSS quotas for SMEs. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 15(1), 76–85.




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